About Us

Interstate Parking Mgmt LLC is a leader in parking management services. With a staff of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the booting and towing services industry.
Companies should not have to deal with the stress or worries of illegally parked vehicles. Interstate Parking Mgmt will help with resolving this issue so that business managers can spend more time catering to the needs of the clients and customers.
Our Services

Our goal is to provide Parking Lot services to local businesses, retail stores, lots and garage owners.  Interstate Parking Mgmt is responsible for enforcing parking regulations on a variety of properties.


Illegal parking has become a major issue in many states. We understand that having availability of your parking space is very important for your customers as well as that of your clients, and employees.

We address Illegal Parking

Are you noticing that at various times during the day and night there are illegally parked vehicles on your lot?
And as a result, the following applies:

  • Large semi-trucks limits parking space for cars and can cause safety hazards.
  • Management is being pulled away from store operations daily dealing with parking related issues.
  • Having illegally parked trucks defacing the property value of the stores.
  • The weight of unauthorized trucks causing instability and foundation issues which cost owners more money than otherwise would be used as capital gain.
  •  Security problems that can be associated with human trafficking and prostitution.
We Monitor

Daily monitoring of your parking lots at an affordable cost  to you while paying particular attention to overnight parking: to ensure trucks, cars and rv’s are not using the lot for overnight use.

While monitoring your lots we will also make sure that they are presentable upon arrival for your day shift personnel.

We will also be utilizing audio/ video to document all transactions for every party that will be involved.

We will use several local towing companies to have all illegally parked vehicles and trucks removed at owner’s expense if they are not able to do so themselves within the time that is allotted. To prevent trash and human waste from being thrown into your lot. That’s causing foul odors along with messiness. Install proper signage throughout parking areas visible to all people entering.